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 Post subject: Re: Rap battles
PostPosted: Fri Dec 23, 2011 1:12 pm 
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littleconqueror wrote:
ok so your in a team and running the show
wow sorry but this really blows
i cant believe i actually thought this was gona be good
but apperantly it's just as cheep as the hood
but still i guess i am to great to compete with alone
so you just go crying to your moma and moan
you thought you had a way to get me beat
but it will just turn out in defeat
now i will try to show you but it's done
but you cant expect to be as good as the one
so come on lets get out of the shack
and with some luck i can teach you to not be so wack

Lc, stop bothering me with the conquer power crap
You're spamming my skype, lets settle it trough rap
You know it was removed to erase the fake power
Now you got to have a army, not bash noobs, you coward!
Admit it that you're just afraid of changes
You look like a complete noob with your weekly rages
And the sad part is that you've been doing it for ages
While your money is still paying off my wages
So its pretty clear who lose here
I'm the winner, you're the loser

klutzy wrote:
PNES should really surrender because there not even members.
this is on earth 3 and you look just like a bumblebee.
like i said you will lose because i get to choose.
my planes fly above just like some doves your losing because you need ya gloves.
up you jump again and you bump again and you fall to the floor i aint doing it again your just like big ben, ding, dong, dong, ding, doo, your the one who stood in the poo!!
money shall die,
dummies shall fly,
and you get the bin because i win!!
you run alough at your own pace hoping to win the race, you trip and flip and you fall to the floor.
you see me chuckling because i win i hold the trophy with a awsome SCORE!!
the crowd shouts and waves about because they no i have a big snout!!

XD like it?

Looks like you missunderstood the task completely
But I got to admit that you put together a verse quite neatly
And I think you missunderstood again , I were being sarcastic
Common, you got to do something better then that wack beep
ITs a rap battle, a one on one, and I'm here to teach you son
..First you got to learn is how to write your lines
Because you're supposed to end with the rhymes
Now that you know a little more, let me see what you can do
You're one of the final four, but can you become one of the final two?

goldenpaw wrote:
Hey look at me trying to rap
I ain't gonna try to rhyme rap with crap
Owait I just did
Well you so scared you hid
Cause I am the mighty awesome paw
Who kicks criminal butts and enforces law
I'd say this is pretty good for a first time
Now im off to go stop some crime!

Golden, we both know that I had to help you with your lines
You even called me a genius for giving you one of your rhymes
But that was nothing, I weren't even thinking straight
I had been watching movies with a friend, staying up late
And still.. I'm a better rapper then you are
And better then anyone else who have posted here so far
So please, spend the next minutes to write a proper verse
I hope that I didn't leave your feelings hurt ;)

dylsupreme1 wrote:
Ight Santa's Little Pink Elf chill, know your role
Your raps got everything but quality control
Spitting out rhymes like their nothing
Just watch Son Imma make em something

Yo, you put up a strong front
Far as I'm concerned you're nothing but a grunt
See what I did there? That's a play on words
It's why people be following me in herds
Man get over yourself
There are better ones like herself himself hisself and myself.
Confused now, maybe puzzled?
Damn, good, you need to be muzzled.
When you rhyme they start the boos,
When I rhyme all you hear are ooohs.

Looks like I finally got some competition.. no, its just you
I can look at your lines and tell that not one thing is true
When I get on stage you can hear the audience clapping
Yes, you hear oooh, because you're dissing yourself by attempt rapping
Because you're not doing play on words, you're playing stupid
This round is already over, and you're nothing but a newb, kid

And with that the first round is over, sorry for the delay, much is happening the day before christmas so I've been busy. Don't take anything that I've written to serious, its all meant to be jokes. If you have any problems with it, send me a PM and I'll fix it at once!

Good luck all! :)

Thank you Michael
Thank you developers
(^-check out the topics)


 Post subject: Re: Rap battles
PostPosted: Fri Dec 23, 2011 2:52 pm 
First Lieutenant
First Lieutenant

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:) battle dawn its a strange game
but its not that lame because its not your game.
fame it is that sweet name maybe you might feel the pain.
maybe my chain will pull you in with my name.
as a man stands aiming with a gun your nightmare has begun.
you are locked up with a sealed door,
and all you see is a unpleasant floor.
now i walk heading forward just like a battered boar.
you feel upset but you dont forget the tore, you see a crack that is black and you open it up, and you drop your teacup.
you run so fast and so good, but i know your not good.
a helicopter hovers above searching for you, you may as well give up and get the cuff is that enough for you?
back you go to the horror you know, and you might turn into bone!!
your phone rings and you make a run, you push past the fun.
you hide in a tree as the chopper comes out but its no point because it falls down like a count!
you climb down with a bounce and you might have a chance thats the time when you are brought!!
your time is up, its jail for you, just like the blooded foul!

lol like it?


1.steel legions
2.war commander
3.battle pirates
4.battle dawn tanks

play steel legions!!! :D


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